Cinema on winter holidays!

Through strict protocols designed to guarantee the safety of porteños and tourists, Buenos Aires continues to reactivate its cultural life and the reopening of museums, bars, restaurants and other places of recreation was added that of the cinemas, after having remained for so long time closed.

Now you can safely enjoy the big screen again for both workers and the public. To enter it is necessary to show the current affidavit of health, maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters and wear a mask at all times. Upon entering the room, a temperature control will be carried out, the result of which must be less than 37.5ºC and the presence of COVID-19 symptoms will be questioned. Once installed in the seat, spectators must keep their masks on, except for eating or drinking.

The protocol requires that the total capacity of the room be 30% in relation to the maximum capacity enabled, provided that it has renewals of 40 m3 / h per person, without recirculation. In no case may the number of public exceed 300 people simultaneously per room. The distance between occupied seats must be at least 1.5 meters and, for that, the number of seats that must be left free will be configured.

More important information:

  • The groups of cohabitants must be of 6 people maximum.
  • The 3D glasses will be cleaned and disinfected by staff after each use.
  • The gastronomic service and the Candy Bar service are allowed.
  • It is ideal to get tickets and food online to avoid the use of money and human contact.

Photo: Infobae