Floricienta returns to Argentine television

Telefe announced the return to the screen of "Floricienta" the successful youth strip produced by Cris Morena and starring Florencia Bertotti and Juan Gil Navarro.

The cast of the strip is also made up of Benjamín Rojas, Isabel Macedo, Esteban Prol, Henny Trayles, Alejo Garcia Pintos, Lali Espósito, Brenda Gandini, Gerardo Chendo, Graciela Stefani and Micaela Vazquez, among others.

The return of the novel takes place in the framework of the advance of the coronavirus pandemic and the preventive and compulsory social isolation that make the recording of new fictions impossible .

In this context, Telefe decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary by airing successful productions from previous years such as "Muñeca Brava", "Educating Nina", "Los Simuladores", "Los Roldán", "Avenida Brasil" , among others .

Although there is no confirmed date, Floricienta's return to television is a fact: "Very soon on Telefe you will relive another beautiful story: #Floricienta! # 30AñosJuntos," they wrote on the bird's social network.