I ordered food for delivery in this quarantine

The coronavirus turned us into constant disinfection agents . We want to control everything. However, cooking is not always an attractive plan for quarantined fun. We miss going out to eat, but is it safe to order delivery?

Knowing this fact is a relief: experts say that the coronavirus is not transmitted through food . This was stated by Dr. Ian Williams, head of the Outbreak Response and Prevention department of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which investigates food and waterborne diseases.

At this point in the quarantine, most of us have incorporated disinfection habits around the supermarket, such as cleaning each product with the bleach and water solution, discarding plastic bags or washing cloth ones. The doubts appear when it comes to ordering a ready-made food delivery because at the risk of not knowing under what conditions the dishes are made, the use of containers and wrappings is added, which in this context worry us as much as what we are going to eat.

What Williams says is that "there is no evidence that, until now, covid-19 is transmitted by food or by food services. This is respiratory, from person to person . "

So knowing this data there are thousands of food delivery applications: rappi , glovo, orders already, etc. that with just one click look for food at the restaurant and incidentally help you in this crisis.