Leandro Erlich – Liminal, at the MALBA

Over the past two decades, Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973) has created a body of sculptures and large installations in which the architectural appearance of the everyday functions as a kind of perceptive trap: it leads the unwary spectator to a paradox visual that defies the budgets of order and the rules of the material world. In the parallel universe of Erlich, the stairs do not lead anywhere, the elevators do not stop at their destination, the passive spectators become active participants, the clouds acquire new physical characteristics and the solidity of the built spaces turns out to be a fleeting optical illusion.

Liminal is the first anthological exhibition of Erlich in Argentina; It covers a period of more than two decades of production and includes thirteen pieces selected by guest curator Dan Cameron, currently based in New York. It will occupy the basement and the second floor of the museum, in a route designed in such a way as to suggest an underlying narrative that leads visitors to a series of encounters that, by accumulation, introduce doubts about the reliability of their own sensory information.

The title of the exhibition refers to an existing area on the threshold of another space and indirectly refers to the position of being about to cross to, or enter a specific place or state of existence, but never quite reach it. Oscillating at the liminal edge of an experience suggests that we are always caught between a previous reality that has already been left behind and a new reality that invites us and is close, but that leaves us stranded if we delay.

Liminal opens on July 5 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires