New permits to circulate in the AMBA

The President maintained that the permits to circulate will expire, which will have to be managed again , and he also announced that there will be more rigid controls to enter the City .

Here is everything you need to know about new driving permits :

1. How long do I have time?

The new permits must be processed from here until Friday, May 29, inclusive, since on Saturday, May 30, the new Single Certificate for Circulation will begin to apply to people exempt from quarantine compliance in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area ( Both), as specified by official sources.

2. I carry out an essential task, do I also have to manage it?
Yes. From the Government they indicated that they will have to process the new permits to move people who fulfill essential services and that, until now, they were traveling with permits from their companies.

3. Where do I manage?
The management of the new Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation must be managed from this Monday through the Caring application or on the website , official sources reported.

4. I already had a permit, what do I do?
Those who are already registered will receive a notification with the notice that their permit expired and they will have to follow a series of steps to re-register and obtain the new authorization, which will have a different color depending on the activity being carried out.

5. What do I do once I have completed all my data?
After completing the process, you must download and print the proof with the QR code , which will be required at the different control points.