The Health system in Buenos Aires

The Health system in Buenos Aires is public, free and of quality. With building reforms and the implementation of new programs and technologies that streamline care, the State of Buenos Aires guarantees medical care both to those who reside in the City and to those who circulate through it, no matter where they live.

In Buenos Aires it is no longer necessary to travel long distances to be treated. Each person has a family medical team that provides comprehensive and quality care in a Health Center (CESAC) less than 15 minutes from where you are. Nor should you travel to request appointments, since they can be obtained by phone by calling line 147. You only have to register in person once and thus generate the opening of the Comprehensive Health History.


  • A Health Center (CeSAC) less than 15 minutes away for medical consultations. The centers implement care and prevention programs according to the principles of Primary Health Care.
  • The GP team (general practitioner / family practitioner, clinician, or pediatrician) works as a team with other health professionals such as pharmacists, gerontologists, kinesiologists, obstetricians, dentists, adult and child psychologists, gynecologists, social workers, nurses and specialists in diagnostic imaging (ultrasound and simple radiology).
  • Today there are 46 Level 1 Centers and 31 Neighborhood Medical Centers in Buenos Aires that can solve 80 percent of the population's most frequent health problems in an interdisciplinary way.

Comprehensive Health History

More and more neighbors have a Comprehensive Health History: an application that contains clearly, precisely and in detail the health information of a patient. The initiative allows professionals to access vital information to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the person, taking into account their previous studies and background. It is available in all the health centers of Buenos Aires, the 13 general acute hospitals, the Cecilia Grierson Hospital and the 2 pediatric hospitals.

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