Virtual Malba

“In times of quarantine , from Malba we propose an agenda of activities and online content to bring the museum closer to our entire community . Today more than ever we are aware that our social role is to propose other topics of conversation on the agenda, keep company and imagine new worlds through art and culture , we are connected! " With those words published on its website , the museum asks for permission to get into homes.

Thanks to initiatives like this, Argentines and citizens from all over the world will be able to appreciate Remedios Varo's surrealist paintings and learn more about the artist.

The behind the scenes of the Malba will also be accessible to the public. It is about showing the process of setting up an exhibition and even the tasks carried out by experts in the conservation and restoration of works.

"Malba Cine" also reaches the houses. The museum's film billboard also goes into "virtual mode" to continue spreading Argentine cinema. Every Saturday, he will share a movie on the web and talks with the directors.

"Malba Literatura" is also launched on social networks with the "Cycle Conversations" . This is a series of meetings aimed at analyzing the state of contemporary literature, with interviews with the writers Romina Paula, Ariana Harwicz, Camisa Sosa Villada and Leila Guerriero.