Antilope leathers

San Telmo
Cueros Antilope has extensive experience in the manufacture of leather clothing, footwear, leather goods and accessories, with exclusive and modern designs, offering a wide variety of sizes, colors and a very high quality.

Each model they produce has an added value that goes from small details to more risky and modern reasons.

They make leather clothes in Napa Vacuna, Napalizado Goat, Antilopada Goat, Italian Sheep, Unborn, Recorded Suede, Capybara, as well as Footwear, Wallets, Hats and Belts, allocating 50% of their production for export.

They are suppliers of the best leather houses in Argentina and ship throughout the country and abroad. Some of their destinations are: Spain - United States - Mexico - Venezuela - Chile - Italy - Uruguay - Germany.

In its spacious Show Room located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable environment of security and privacy, where you will find exhibited an important variety of its products products.

In addition, they have free transfer service. Do not hesitate to ask for your transfer without charge to and from our factory.