Sarkis is one of the most famous Armenian food restaurants in Buenos Aires. Always full, this place in Palermo offers the best cuisine in a still-life atmosphere, ideal for group or couple outings.

For those who have never had the pleasure of enjoying Armenian food, the suggestion is to ask the waiter for the explained menu so as not to miss any details. In it there are typical dishes such as falafel, moussaka, hummus and taboule. Among the main ones, the Shish-kebab and Keppes are absolutely delicious, both worth recommending. And the Subereg stands out, a delicious crunchy tower of philo dough and gratin cheese.

Those who go in a group can order different dishes and share so that everyone can taste a little of everything. The thick coffee is deliciously Armenian. And, once finished, there is usually a person who reads the erasure ...

Good service, very abundant dishes and prices to match. As a group or as a couple, Sarkis is a place worth visiting for the quality of its food and its excellent service.