The Shanghai Dragon


In the mythical former Dr. Mason, The Shangai Dragon has been operating since 2010, the closest gastro expression to an English bar with Asian overtones where beers, a few drinks and whiskeys predominate, good homemade food and an ideal environment to spend some time with friends.

The strong point of the house are good quality craft beers, such as Gambrinus, Antares, Kingston and other industrials with attractive happy hours.

In the kitchen, the flavors of Southeast Asia stand out, where individual and sharing options are offered, accompaniments to complement the beer or main dishes for dining at ease.

As entrees and snacks: Shanghai Dim Sum, tapas, pinchos, sushi, salads and burgers, while the best dishes prepared are General Tso's Chicken, Shrimp, Curry Beef Rogan Gosht (spicy), Thai Noodles, Kung Pao Pork, options veggies and many other dishes.

Exposed wood in its furniture, a semi-hidden library, high tables to share, the carpeted floor, the walls with bright colors, are not minor details with which one can feel in the living room of your house.