Café San Bernardo

Villa Crespo
Plentiful dishes and reasonable prices are the main premises of a gastronomic proposal that, reinforced by a kitchen that does not close and a friendly and kind attention, makes that both neighborhood neighbors and new visitors continue to choose Café San Bernardo at the time of eating out; maybe the best excuse to get together with friends to hang out or meet new people.

The San Bernardo Café, better known among today's young people as "El Sanber", is a remarkable cafe in the city of Buenos Aires, founded in 1957, and which is located in an 800 m2 store located on Avenida Corrientes 5436, Until recently it was open 24 hours, but from 2016 it closes at 5am and reopens, every day, at 9 am.1 It owes its name to the "Parroquia San Bernardo" located at Gurruchaga street at 171 from the Villa Crespo neighborhood, also known as the "Cristo de las Manos Rotas" church.