Islamic Cultural Center

The Center is located in Buenos Aires Argentina, in the convergence of three important avenues: Bullrich, Cervino and Av. Libertador, on a land that covers 36,000 m², being built around 20,000 m².

The rest has been decorated with green spaces, trees and flowers, giving the Center a beautiful and attractive view.

The monumental construction of pure Arab style was projected by the Study of a famous Saudi architect Zuhair Fayez that has to his credit the direction of more than 200 mosques in the 5 continents

The direction of the work was carried out by the Argentine architecture studio Mario Roberto Alvarez and the expenses incurred in the project were approximately twenty-two million dollars.

Guided tours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:00 Hs (AT MIDDAY).

All visits are absolutely free.
The visits are suspended due to rain.

We remind you that the Islamic Fahd Islamic Cultural Center is a religious place, therefore please wear demure clothes to enter (that is, without pronounced necklines or clothing above the knees).

Please, do not leave the guide during the visit and we ask you, earnestly, to be punctual.