Pasaje Lanín

Barracas is a neighborhood where art, tango and history breathe in the street. And the Pasaje Lanín is a faithful reflection of that spirit and one of the main attractions, especially for those who enjoy artistic expressions.

Lanín street is a small passage where one of the most interesting exponents of urban art can be found: a work composed of 40 houses whose fronts were intervened with paintings and venecitas of many colors.

The activation was generated in a spontaneous and natural way and that gives it even more magic. The story goes that in 1990 the plastic artist Marino Santa María, a neighbor who was born and lived all his life on that street, had the idea of painting the adaptation of one of his paintings on the facade of his workshop and began to receive orders for his neighbors who, inspired by that revolution of freshness and color that contrasted so much with the general gray, asked him to also intervene on their fronts. This is how this artistic wave spread for three blocks, from Brandsen Street to Suárez Avenue, creating a collective work that transformed the essence of the neighborhood. Since then, the passage is part of the Barracas DNA; It acquired great cultural value and became a tourist attraction that attracts thousands of people every year.