Madero Center Shops

Puerto Madero

Just five minutes from the City Porteña, Madero Center Shops offers wonderful views of the nautical landscape and the most modern and sophisticated architecture of Buenos Aires.

With a contemporary and sober style, Madero Center is a complex of four buildings that occupies an entire block with a large interior patio. It has three residential buildings and one office building. On the ground floor, on the streets Pierina Dealessi, Trinidad Guevara and Macacha Güemes, it has commercial premises. This open-air shopping tour offers its visitors a careful selection of products from recognized national and international brands that adapt to the demands of both locals and tourists.

How to get?


Line 130 A, Line 130 B, Line 61 A, Line 93 A, Line 93 B, Line 152 A, Line 143 A Line 143 F, Line 4 A, Line 126 A, Line 126 B, Line 39 A, Line 39 C , Line 74 A, Line 180 A, Line 101 A, Line 132 A, Line 132 B, Line 188 B, Line 188 D, Line 105 A, Line 111 A, Line 111.