Rossi & Caruso

Buenos Aires has privileged and unavoidable scales. Those who enjoy and are surprised by its delicate balance find it irresistible.

In the heart of Recoleta, the Maison Rossi & Caruso is a meeting point between advanced design trends and the purest classic lines. The result? Products with a unique personality, freshness and exquisite quality.

Designs, textures, range of colors and attention to detail combine to highlight the quality of the best leathers and chamois in Argentina. Clothing, purses, shoes; accessories, travel items, as well as their recognized riding frames.

How not to go through Rossi & Caruso if you are in Buenos Aires? The phrase is already a classic in the most diverse languages. Celebrities or low profile artists are visitors who honor them with their fidelity over the years. The royalties of Spain, Holland and Japan; Prince Philip of Edinburgh, Empress Farah Diba, Queen Maxima of Orange; heads of state and prime ministers; Different personalities and tourists from all over the world are part of its distinguished clientele.

The secret? For Rossi & Caruso, excellence is something as authentic as passion and pride for the family tradition of a long-term task for almost a century and a half.