TGI Friday's (Puerto Madero)

Madero Port

TGI Friday's is a classic chain of American food restaurants that has made its way around the world. This store in Puerto Madero was the first to open in Argentina in 1996 and since then it has only grown. Today they have three other locations in Buenos Aires.
Tasty dishes that combine pizzas, minced, beef and pork for all tastes. It is characterized by its striking local and the unique dress of its waiters.
The Buffalo Wings stand out from the start, which if ordered with the Red Hot sauce make the whole visit worthwhile. Main course Jack Daniel's Glazed Ribs are recommended, full back of the gilled pork ribs with its famous Jack Daniel's sauce, served with crispy French fries. For dessert, the must-have is the Oreo Madness.
Plentiful and tasty dishes that make it worth the wait. Wide menu of drinks and drinks to accompany. Ideal for meetings between friends or busy family dinners. A place to share a good time.