Toro 777

Villa Crespo

Toro 777 is a closed-door restaurant in the Villa Crespo neighborhood with a five-step menu that changes every week considering the seasonal products.

His proposal is born from the idea of being able to share, as with friends, his house. Thus achieving a pleasant treatment, a careful and balanced cuisine, added to a relaxed rhythm. And all with a clear objective: to live a different gastronomic experience. The room has capacity for fourteen guests, which guarantees a personalized service, within an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the dishes that can be found by the chef Guillermo de Saavedra Coria are: Cause of chicken with avocado, green with lime mayonnaise and habanero oil; Bondiola with herbal honey, onioned apples and mashed dried tomatoes with arugula; or grilled white fish with salt of black olives, creamy of yamani dyed with beet, and various desserts that crown the evening. You will also find a very careful wine list tailored to the proposal that is offered.