Tres Monos Bar

Tres Monos Bar is a high-class bar created and run by Sebastián Atienza and Carlos Aguinsky, two of the best bartenders in the country. In just one year, this small space, where each customer is the protagonist, managed to rank among the 100 best bars in the world with a position in The World's 50 Best Bars 2020 ranking.

Needless to say: the strength of the bar is the drinks and, especially, the "ready to drink", designed to take away and drink at home. The menu includes reverted classics such as "Negroni Escándalo" or "Gin Tonic" and also other more daring and original such as "Algo Frutal" (El Profeta gin, Legui, orange, pomegranate and passion fruit), or "Dame un Tiki (rum , Hesperidin, Pineapple, Peanut, Celery and Fernet).

The dishes are simple, but with a sophisticated touch. From tenderloin and hot dog sandwiches (super large and filled with arugula, bacon and cheese) to kale and almond pascualina or beef tartare with jalapeños, there are options for all tastes and customs. The more daytime ones can also go to Tres Monos in the afternoon to enjoy its exquisite cafeteria and pastry service.

With its sober and elegant facade and a fun and harmonious setting, Tres Monos is more than a bar: it is a concept that formed a community. It also has a consultancy that offers advice to brands and companies in the sector and a school for bartenders and consumers from all over the country that works on the top floor of the premises and remotely.