Zona Norte

Founded in 1988, Unicenter was the first shopping center in Latin America in terms of size and characteristics. Although it is outside of Buenos Aires, it is very well located because Martínez is easily accessible both for those who come from the city and for those who come from within the province.

With all its floors covered in marble and green spaces in its corridors, this shopping center is huge. It occupies 10 blocks and has 3 floors with parking on each one, more than 200 stores, 11 elevators, 23 escalators, a huge food court with capacity for 1,800 people, 24 bowling alleys, 16 movie theaters, gym and supermarket.

Unicenter is a super complete and varied space where all the items coexist. Millions of people come each year in search of the main national and international brands, also because they know that, beyond clothing, footwear, accessories, perfumery and other classic items, it is a place where all purchases can be solved and have a pleasant time moment full of sensations and entertainment.

Photos: iprofesional.com