Uptown & The Bronx

With the same signage, tiles, posters, turnstiles and even the wagon, this themed bar recreates a New York subway station. The fun evening begins the moment the concierge guarding the stairway lets in and a green button is pressed on the car to open the doors that lead to one of the most imposing bars in Buenos Aires, with a drink menu inspired by the most emblematic neighborhoods of the Big Apple and options based on any alcoholic beverage you can imagine.

Far from offering the typical and monotonous meals that accompany the drinks in the bars, this original and magical place displays a whole series of options presented on the menu in a unique way: Each subway station has its own dishes. Thus, in Chinatown the star is Chinese food; in Midtown, the hamburger; in Little Italy, the burrata or the Tagliatelle Amatriciana, and so on with all of them. Of course, there is no shortage of the typical German sausage hot dogs and a whole series of delicacies that are difficult to find elsewhere. Definitely, Uptown & The Bronx is a place that cannot be missed.