Invernadero Bar

Invernadero is a gin and tonic bar thrown in Recoleta. A super attractive proposal because it is new in its menu and in its location, since it is a few meters from the National Library. Just as draft beer bars were imposed years ago, today the concept has moved to that of gin and tonic.

The bar occupies a place that was abandoned for the last three years under the iconic National Library. The design of the space is aligned with the characteristic shapes and materials of the emblematic building designed by the architects Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich and Alicia Cazzaniga in 1961. Its brutalist line, made of exposed concrete and steel, contrasts with the botanical diversity of the surroundings, making the Greenhouse a true urban refuge.

His forte is drink. The manager of the bar is the bartender Juani Calcaño (former Gran Bar Danzón). For his drinks he uses a gin made exclusively for the bar with a strong artisanal stamp.

The terrace is now enabled to enjoy the best gin in the City. It is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.