Enrique Larreta Museum of Spanish Art

Enrique Larreta's residence, now a museum, was built in 1886 by the architect Ernesto Bunge.

On Thursday, October 29, the museum reopens its doors to the public with prior online reservation and respecting the protocols of the City Museums.

The entrance is $ 50 pesos. Unless you are under 12 years old, retired and student with accreditation, people with disabilities plus a companion, free.

What will the visit be like?
The travel circuits will have a unique sense.
For the safety of visitors, the museum will be occupied by one person every 15 m2.
Participatory activities cannot be carried out.

From yapa: After the visit you can go to have lunch / tea in the Larreta gardens. Croque Madame makes you feel in Paris. Safety pin!

History of the fifth house

In 1892 the fifth house was bought by Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena, who later gave it to her daughter Josefina, married to the writer in 1900. Originally, the front of the house had an Italianate style and the interior had an open patio. In 1916, after a long stay in Europe, the building became a stable residence for the family and Larreta implemented a series of changes.

The façade acquired a neocolonial stamp, with simple white walls and red tiles, the patio was roofed and the interior became an environment that recreated the spirit of the Spanish Golden Age. In this scenography, Larreta arranged his art collection.

The tour begins in the Central Patio and from there you can access the different rooms: the Blue Room, the Oratory, the Red Room, the Desk, the Dining Room, the Library and what used to be the private rooms, today used for exhibitions. temporary.

Throughout the years, the original heritage was increased through acquisitions, donations and transfers, adding valuable works that were perfectly integrated with the initial collection.