Soleil Premium Outlet

San Isidro

Known for its first-rate brands, variety and affordable prices, Soleil Premium Outlet is a shopping center located in the Boulogne neighborhood, San Isidro district, Buenos Aires province.

Opened in 1987, it was the second shopping center to open in the country. In this space, all the stores have something in common: they are top brand outlets. And although it is a construction, it also has open-air shops.

The prices are a distinctive and great attraction, since you can find discounts from 30% and some even go up to 70%. Most of the shops are clothing, footwear and accessories, although, to a lesser extent, there is also a supply of electronics.

The mall has a large food court with a variety of options such as fast food, regional dishes, coffee shops and an ice cream parlor. There is also a cinema complex with nine traditional screens, a 3D room, a supermarket and a playground for the little ones.