Cochinchina is a bridge between cultures that crosses flavors, aromas and textures. Located in the middle of the Buenos Aires night scene, this bar offers ready-to-drink cocktails, a worldwide trend and the specialty of its creator, the renowned bartender Inés de los Santos.

Some of the most famous are the Sacred Penicillin (Johnnie Walker Black, fresh ginger juice, honey syrup, lemon juice and Johnnie Black reduction to Josper), the Moscow Mule (Skyy vodka, bitter, turmeric juice, lemon and Britvic Ginger Ale), the Champagne Cocktail (French cognac, plum wine, green apple cordial and extra brut sparkling wine), the Western Gin Tonic and the collection of negronis. The two main protagonists are the huge bar and the cocktail boutique, where you can choose ready-to-serve drinks and drink at home.

Inés was inspired by her two passions: the Asian flavors of Cochinchina, a territory in southern Vietnam, and her love for France. And although the real attraction of the house is the cocktails, the kitchen is not far behind. It is a Franco-Vietnamese fusion by Máximo López May, an internationally renowned chef who divided the menu into five chapters: Petit Entremés, Con la Mano, Banh-Mi, Platos y Dulces. Possibly the one that best defines the proposal is the Bánh, a great cross between both cuisines that consists of using a baguette baked with rice flour. A traditional option is Chå Giò, crunchy rolls stuffed with lettuce, herbs, noodles and mushrooms. ⁣Another option with noodles? A super burger with noodle bun, daring and delicious. For those who do not dare to such exotic dishes, there is the meat terrine, an impeccable brick of well-seasoned textures, or the 15-hour rib “Bo Luc Lac”. The most recommended and fresh dessert is the tapioca pudding, transparent spheres of tapioca bathed in coconut milk with cold mango compote and crunchy coconut flakes.

The place has a terrace and a dj booth to liven up the night, take away and delivery options.