Corrientes Avenue


The avenue known as "Corrientes Street" owes its name to the province. Its 70 blocks extend from Puerto Madero to Chacarita.

It is the most important cultural hub of the city. Between the Callao and Esmeralda avenues, theaters such as Lola Membrives, Presidente Alvear, are concentrated among the many offers of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Walking through this avenue is like being in many parks at the same time. You can go day and night ...

The schedule does not matter because it is the street that never sleeps, the witness of the golden age of tango, the hub of Buenos Aires nightlife and bohemian life.

Corrientes offers the largest concentration of bookstores, theaters, cinemas and bars in the city.

And even, the best pizzerias.

In fact, a must stop is to try one-or several-portions of pizza with fainá, always accompanied by a cold beer or moscato.

Then, you have to leave for a play.