Kid's museum

It is an interactive museum that recreates the spaces of a city where children can play to be a bricklayer, doctor, cameraman, captain, sailor, bank, chef, broadcaster, journalist, nurse, actress, mom and dad; and much more!!

The Museum offers an enriching and alternative meeting space that integrates play, movement, perception, understanding and expression, encouraging curiosity, interest in knowing and imagination from a transformative perspective.

Based on the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, it has been designed to encourage each child to develop their own potentials: "learning by doing" and "playing and having fun learning" are fundamental concepts for us.

The Museum is dedicated to children up to 12 years old, to their families, educators and through all of them to the community. And for the youngest ones, up to 3 years, it has two soft rooms specially built to stimulate its activity.

It also has an Exhibition Hall and an Auditorium where shows, film screenings, conferences, book presentations and various events take place.