The best Buenos Aires theaters

The capital of Argentina is one of the most important cities in Latin America with more than 300 theaters. That enamors its visitors and surprises them day by day.

Today we want to let you know which are the best Buenos Aires theaters, obviously one of the most important is the Colón Theater , but it is not the only one ... in the following list we will introduce you to some more:

- Gran Rex Theater : For many it is the theater of great musical shows and receives on its tables the most established artists on the national and international scene. It has a capacity for more than three thousand spectators and the building itself is a great architectural work.

- Teatro Cervantes : This theater is state-owned and its recitals include singing recitals and classical theatrical performances. Three rooms are housed in its building, the first has a capacity for 860 people, the second 150 and the third has a more or less adaptable capacity.

- Colosseum Theater : It is one of the main artistic spaces in the city and has a capacity for almost two thousand people. Its ideal acoustic conditions allow the presentation of opera recitals and philharmonic orchestras to be organized.

- Maipo Theater : It can accommodate 754 people and is one of the most popular in Buenos Aires. Inside they develop all kinds of representations, from concerts and dance shows to conferences and recitals.

- El Nacional Theater : It is an emblematic theater in Buenos Aires located at 960 Corrientes Avenue, the axis of the theatrical life of the city. The room has the highest technology and a capacity of 1014 seats.

These are just some of the many theaters that make up the rich cultural variety of the city of Buenos Aires. For you, what are the best Buenos Aires theaters ?