Top 10 Pasta

The Italian heritage is very present throughout our country. The gastronomy of the European country has aroused passion in Creole tables, from a culture that was established thanks to immigrants who began arriving massively at the beginning of the last century.

As in Italy, "la cucina" has multiple versions, depending on each region. In addition, Buenos Aires formed its own characteristics, won its own touches that distinguish it. It doesn't matter how they are served; with sauce or with spices, with or without vegetables. The important thing for Argentines is to enjoy the moment, between laughs and friends.

These are our recommendations:
1) The Cupboard
2) Cucina Paradiso
3) Exited
4) Guido's Bar
5) La Locanda
6) L 'Adesso
7) The Parolaccia
8) The Stampa
9) Spiagge di Napoli
10) Il Gran Caruso

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