Jardín Japonés

jardín japonés
For many, the Japanese Garden of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is a place of dreams, a magical place where peace and harmony abound, offering its visitors an experience to treasure in their hearts. Its hypnotizing tranquility and natural wealth, contrasts with the chaos of the city. Making visitors forget the everyday and stop to make an interior path.

It was inaugurated on May 17, 1967, designed and built by the Japanese community, to later be donated through the Embassy of Japan, to the Municipality of Buenos Aires. In gratitude to the Argentine people for being the country that opened its arms to him in times of immigration.

We can consider it a living museum, where the vagaries of nature are mixed with the hand of man. Delighting us in every moment of the day as the light becomes clearer or dimmer. From delicate cherry blossoms in July, purple water lilies in summer, bright yellow ginkgo biloba leaves in autumn, to paths of gigantic azaleas in September, each season of the year has its charm and shows the passing of time, the passing, of life itself. Some can go half an hour, others, on the other hand, can spend hours and hours contemplating and savoring that synthesis of nature, that microcosm of paradise. It will depend on each one, to experience the silence, allow ourselves to feel and breathe that pure air that the Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires gives us.

The Japanese Garden represents a typical park in Japan, with its lakes, bridges and waterfalls, it has many species of plants and trees to know. It also has a place for gastronomy .