May Plaza

It is the oldest public square in Buenos Aires. Juan de Garay was the one who granted him this apple in front of the Fort during the second foundation of Buenos Aires, in 1580. His name pays homage to the Revolution of May 25, 1810.

In the Plaza de Mayo you can acquire a historical perspective of the city. In its center is the May Pyramid, built in 1811. The monument to General Manuel Belgrano, inaugurated in 1873, creator of the national flag.

The square is and continues to be the scene of the most important political and social events in Argentine history. It is the meeting point of festivities and claims of citizens.

From the square you can see a historical perspective of the city. You can visit the buildings that border it: Government House, Cabildo, Metropolitan Cathedral, City Government Palace, until you reach the colonial churches. And walk along Av. De Mayo and the diagonals to know the microcenter where the banking buildings are concentrated.